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As you might know by now, The Greenhouse is all about creating a community — a space for like-minded artists to join up, and share their ideas on how we can work for a more sustainable future.

With that in mind, we’re very excited to be running a programme of workshops alongside our Greenhouse Initiative and our daily schedule of shows! Our workshops will provide a practical space for artists to build on their work, and explore how they can implement sustainability in to their practice. They are a forum for discussion, and a great way to meet other awesome theatre makers.

There will be approximately 30 spaces at each of our workshops, and admission will be on a first-come-first-served basis. All workshops run from 10:30am to 12:00pm on their appointed day! For workshops lablled practical, please bring water, and wear clothes you feel comfortable moving around in.

Designing and Building with Zero Waste
4TH August
In the construction and design workshop, the two architectural masterminds behind The Greenhouse will take you through the process of creating its structure and look. They will detail how we made an upcycled performance space from scratch, where we sourced the re-purposed material from, and how they decorated it, inside and out, to embody the environmental message of the project.
Environmentalism From Real Life
7TH August
The writers and directors of From the Wind will explore how they went about making environmental theatre that was heavily inspired by real life events. They will examine how they found their subject matter, their process for creating the show, and why they think it is such a good way to get an environmental message across.
Zero-Waste Marketing at the Fringe
9TH August
Our incredible marketing and publicity team will take you through how we are promoting a whole new venue and 8 different productions without printing a single flyer, poster or programme. They will discuss how we became affiliated with more established venues in order to support and promote our project and how we approached the publicity from a unique digital first standpoint to sell the shows.
Environmental Activism in Theatre
11TH August
Join us to explore how theatre can function as both a piece of entertainment and a call to action. This practical session will involve working with the playwright and director of Swallows to experiment with making work that is informative and carried a strong message while being balanced and entertaining.
Making Theatre Without Electricity
14TH August
Electricity is one of the biggest polluters in the world - so it's hard to make truly environmental theatre in a way that guzzles energy. In this workshop, we will we look at how you can create professional standard theatre without access to electricity. We'll take you through tech and staging from a unique, eco-friendly perspective, discussing various methods of lighting and sound that step away from the traditional 'lighting-rig and sound system' set up.
Storytelling through Objects
16TH August
The creators of The Earth Untold will take you through how they made a family show that is equally appealing to both adults and children. Where did they research all these cultures and environments? How did they decide which ones to create stories about? And what kind of imaginative staging techniques have they used to bring them alive on stage?
Entry-Level Fundraising
18TH August
This discussion session will be all about giving and sharing tips on fundraising for entry level theatre companies. Lots of fundraising workshops focus on raising tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds—what if you just need a few hundred to get the project going? This is the place to find out!
Music, Dance, and Nature
21ST August
This workshop looks at how artists of The Greenhouse explored the theme of nature while creating their shows. This workshop will not just be limited to scripted drama. Come along and chat with The Greenhouse's musical director about she wrote sets and organized whole gigs all about the environment before discussing the inspiration the award-winning dancer Charmaine Hiller took to make her one woman show.
Devising Sustainability
23RD August
How do you make a show without a script? How do you act without your fellow performer in the room? And how on earth do you make sure it all stays environmental. St Andrews' premiere devising specialist and Greenhouse Artistic Director, Oli Savage, will take you through the process and how he, alongside a dedicated cast and crew, overcame these challenges and created The Voices We Hear.
Making Myths Modern
25TH August
Come chat to successful professional playwright and director, Isla Cowan about adapting ancient myths into modern narratives. Where did the inspiration come from for an eco-feminist retelling of Daphne and Apollo? And how does it speak to a 21st century as powerfully as it did thousands of years ago?
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