A little bit about our partners!
The Greenhouse was made possible thanks to our two fantastic partner organisations, Clean Water Wave and the GOES Foundation. They both do amazing work in raising awareness for the importance of clean water to the health of our planet. We know you’re just dying for a little bit more information — check them out here, and be sure to head to the GOES Foundation and Clean Water Wave websites to find out even more!

Over 10,000 tonnes of sunscreen gets dumped on corals each year.
Oxybenzone, the active chemical in many sunscreens, is highly toxic to coral and plankton.

A 100g tube of toothpaste containing 0.5% triclosan would kill
ALL plankton life in a volume the size of 50 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Every other breath you take comes from the world’s oceans. In fact, the science indicates that 70% of the planet’s oxygen is generated by plankton. The microscopic plants and animals, drifting throughout the oceans, use photosynthesis to generate oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. They are the basis of our food chain and the lungs of our planet. Quite simply, plankton is the foundation of our existence. All life on Earth depends upon plankton.

GOES promote the development of non–toxic, green, ocean and human–friendly alternatives to toothpaste, sunscreens, and other personal care products. They advocate for a cleaner and non–toxic life–style. And they raise awareness about the importance of the oceans to the health of our planet.

Think that sounds important? Want to help them out? Head to their website here for a deeper dive in to what they do — and feel free to get in touch via their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to join their growing team of partners, supporters, and advocates!

Together we can create the sea change needed to hold back the toxic wave and safeguard the health and wellbeing of every living creature, from people to plankton and everything in-between.

CLEAN WATER WAVE is a Scottish social enterprise dedicated to clean, safe water — wherever you live. CWW’s unique technology, the Clean Aqua for Everyone (CAFE) system, is the answer for very low energy, decentralised treatment of unsafe water.

The CAFE technology can be used to treat drinking water, and as a final stage polishing treatment to remove pollutants from industrial and waste water. The CAFE system runs on less energy than it takes to power a lightbulb, producing 2000L of clean water every hour. It means that, even if you don’t have mains electricity or supply chains or technical expertise, your community can have a reliable drinking water treatment system — for the long term.

A commercial enterprise driven by an environmental and humanitarian mission.

CAFE can be used for multiple water treatment processes: we use our expertise to help people get safe drinking water and help remove pollutants from the aquatic environment. Profit from the sales of the CAFE filter system help us achieve our mission of getting clean, safe drinking water to 10 million people over the next 10 years.

The work they are doing will provide long term health–benefits to communities around the world in a sustainable manner. And you can keep up with all of that via their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or by heading over to their website here!

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