Live Music

Come for a sing along!

Has our fantastic programme of shows and workshops left you wanting more? Or maybe you’re looking for a relaxing place to unwind after a long, hard day running around The Fringe? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

The Greenhouse will be hosting a live music events every evening throughout The Fringe from 8pm to 9pm, ranging from exclusive concert series to casual open-mics. No lights, no amps, no electricity. Just acoustics sets to listen to as the sun sets on another day of hard work. It’s the perfect to chance to come and meet other artists, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh during August. Come down, and bring a pal or two!
Greenhouse Gig

Monday nights see an hour of performances by The Greenhouse’s very own musical stars. From a cappella singers to guitarists to electronic music, we have it all — and better still, every sound will be made without the use of mains electricity, in keeping with the project’s environmentalist aims.

Song-writing Sessions

The Greenhouse community want to welcome all Fringe visitors and participants to our weekly creative hub. Whether you’re a songwriter without the sound, a guitarist without the lyrics or simply a creator who wants to try your hand at something new, come along to our Wednesday evening sessions where you can collaborate with other musicians to make some songs!

Open Mic Night

The title says it all! Come along and share your sound at The Greenhouse community. No matter what your vibe, become part of something bigger by showcasing your music at the Edinburgh Fringe’s first low-waste venue. Please note that we have no mains electricity, but we will have Bluetooth speakers on-site which performers can use.

Jukebox Night

The Greenhouse musicians want to transport you back in time, to the era of the jukebox. We’ll have a list of songs from a variety of genres, which we’ve re-created and rehearsed just for your listening pleasure. Bring along some good company, a book, snacks... and pick the songs you want us to sing as you relax in our sustainable venue.

Late Night at The Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a way to spend your Saturday nights at the Fringe, but don’t want the chaos of the clubs and bars, bring yourselves along to our Late Night sessions. With musicians sourced from across the Fringe’s incredible music scene, enjoy the mellow vibe, the cosy set-up and a soundtrack to outshine any nightclub playlist.

Easy like Sunday Evening...

It’s time to wind down after a busy week of theatre, so come down to The Greenhouse for an evening of chilled out music. With musicians from all over the festival, performing a variety of genres from ambient electro to acoustic folk, there’s no better way to recuperate from the craziness of the Fringe.