Mission Statement: Going Green

The Greenhouse is the first ever zero-waste performance venue at the Edinburgh Fringe. It is founded upon three key principals:

1. Great art can be sustainable too.
From start to finish, everything about this project is zero-waste. All the set, props, and costumes for our 8 amazing shows are made from found and recycled materials, and will either be kept for use in future shows or donated to other artists after the project finishes. Our marketing is completely zero-waste too — no posters, no flyers, no nothing that will end up in the bin (catch us on the Mile with our wheelie bins if you have some flyers to recycle!!). The venue itself is completely constructed out of found and recycled materials, and all left over materials will be donated to artists after the project finishes (get in touch with us if you’d like to put your name down on our list of artists for that).

This is a proof of concept. We want to show that great work we make can exist within this zero-waste, sustainable frame work!

2. The responsibility to create a more sustainable Fringe lies with artists.
Artists make up a significant proportion of The Fringe’s environmental impact — take the practice of flyering for example. The Fringe recommends that most shows think ‘in the low thousands’ when ordering flyers. There are over 3,500 shows each year at The Fringe. Taking a low-end estimate that each show orders just 1,000 flyers, that’s over 3.5 million flyers in total. A flyer weighs about 6 grams — that’s over 21 tonnes of paper waste. At a low-end estimate.

We as artists need to change our practice before the Fringe can be truly sustainable. It’s no longer enough to just talk about sustainability through our work — the way we make our work needs to become permanently more sustainable too. We need to put our money where our mouths are. We need to be the change we want to see.

3. We should try to foster connections between like-minded artists.
For us, this all boils down to a sense of community. Because on the one hand, progress is founded on the concept of sharing thoughts and knowledge. And on the other, it’s way more fun (and it’s much easier) to make a change when there are lots of other people who share the ideas and want to believe in it too!

As well as shows, this project is accompanied by a programme of workshops, happening pretty much every other day. These workshops give artists and audience members alike the chance to enter in to a discussion, and practically experiment with ways of implementing sustainability in their artistic practice, or everyday lives. They create a space for developing ideas and experience in to practical examples of more sustainable work.

We are also running an environmental initiative, providing support, advice, and even one or two incentives for other companies to join us in working to make the Edinburgh Fringe a more sustainable place. You can get some more information on that project by clicking here!

If you want to see all the awesome shows that are a part of this project, click here. If you want a bit more information about the lovely people that are making this project happen, click here. If you want to know a bit more about the venue itself, click here.

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