Say Hello to BoxedIn Theatre!

Yes. We’ll admit it. BoxedIn Theatre are the company responsible for all this maddness.

We are an ambitious young theatre company, interested in experimenting with ideas of space and place to make work that is more accessible, more engaging, and more democratic. We are particularly passionate about engaging with audiences that rarely get to see live performances, and strive to find ways of creating and maintaining connections with them.

Within that, we believe that live performance has the peculiar power to spark debate — putting forward an idea and inviting pure and unabashed discussion. The work we make takes note of this, experimenting with contemporary socio-political issues to foster free-thinking and create compromise.

We’ve worked in a whole variety of different places — from an old harbour café to a medical research facility. Recently, we toured a trilogy of shows to sixteen different rural and remote locations around the UK and Ireland as a part of our Back of the Van tour — which was all about challenging inaccessibility to the performing arts. The project culminated at the Edinburgh Fringe, where we sold out and were shortlisted for the Scottish Arts Club Theatre Awards (very exciting stuff indeed!).

If you fancy a chat, drop us a line at, or head over to their website to find out a little bit more about us!