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Say hello to the wonderful team behind The Greenhouse! All of these lovely people have been essential to the process of making The Greenhouse happen, and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the project. Just drop us an email at [firstname] (so if you want to contact oli, email

Oli Savage:
Artistic Director
Oli is a passionate young director, with particular interest in experimenting with spaces and places to make theatre more accessible. He believes in the socio-political responsibility of theatre, and believes that theatre-makers must approach that from a hollistic perspective - we should try to practice in a manner that reflects the work we are making. Oli was one of the founders of BoxedIn theatre, and has been its Artistic Director for the last three years, leading on all their touring projects. In his spare time, he likes to enjoy Scotland's natural scenery, and play chess (although he's not very good!).
Emily Hepher:
Executive Director
Emiliy is a young producer and stage manager. She is interested in the mechanics of theatre making - every step from the initial concept to opening night. Some of her favorite projects shes worked on in the past are performance based pop-ups and festivals, which makes The Greenhouse something familiar and exciting. What is most important to her is taking care of the BoxedIn family and fostering a supportive environment for everyone to achieve their creative goals
Sarah Chamberlain:
Creative Producer
Sarah is a producer and actress who has developed a drive for making theatre open and exciting to all. She believes that theatre is often considered a closed off art form and she wants to show people that this isn’t always true — she enjoys working on projects that challenge her and the audience. She has produced theatre for the past four years, including taking works to the Edinburgh Fringe, BoxedIn’s inaugural production ’Romeo and Juliet’ and the company’s first tour, ’WOOD’. She is excited to now move onto acting as Creative Producer of The Greenhouse and ensuring these shows are accessible to as many theatregoers as possible.
Louis Catliff:
Creative Director
Louis is a writer-Director based in Earlsfield. He likes combining his passion for theatre and film in technically ambition productions underpinned by detailed naturalistic performances. In his spare time Louis enjoys watching anything involving Olivia Colman and scouring London for the cheapest possible katsu curries.
Grace Thorner:
Head of Marketing
Grace first experienced theatre as an actor as she loves how theatre allows an actor to explore and create without fear of doing something ‘wrong’. A couple of years ago, however, Grace turned her attention to how to utilise social media to increase excitement for and engagement with great theatre. She has since moved from focusing on just digital media to the big, wide world of marketing, most recently working as head of marketing for a UK wide theatre tour during the summer of 2018. Grace is very excited to be working on a project like The Greenhouse because she believes theatre is a great space to explore important issues, like the environmental challenges we are currently facing, in a welcoming and non-confrontational space. During her time off Grace enjoys reading and running (although for your own sake don’t ask her about marathons...).
Lara Williams:
Head of Sustainability
Lara is an active environmentalist with a particular interest in sustainable lifestyles and consumption in the arts. She believes mindful practices on the individual scale can create a pathway for a sustainable future. The innovative platform the Greenhouse provides for eco-friendly theatre at a festival that can be particularly wasteful is a project she deems highly worthwhile. She has a passion for the arts, music, and positive change, and looks forward to working with the team at BoxedIn!
Caelan Mitchell-Bennett:
Caelan Mitchell-Bennett has been involved in theatre — both on and off the stage — for over 14 years. He has held a variety of related jobs, from director of a youth musical theatre camp to in-house carpenter of a regional theatre. While much of that time was also devoted to performance, Caelan has always held a passion for scenic engineering and theatrical property design. Working for theatres with small budgets has made Caelan a strong believer in the DIY — that money or professional tools do not have to get in the way making a show look good, even if things have to be macgyvered. His general interests include sustainable urbanism, hard sci-fi, camping, and border politics.
Lucy Reis:
Lucy, a recent graduate from St Andrews university, is a set and production designer always looking for ways to experiment with the boundaries of design and how to engage with the spaces of theatre. After leaving art school she found that set design was the perfect way to channel creativity in an academic environment. Lucy is currently working in London on short films and theatre projects and when she has the time she enjoys painting and is currently working on a series of portraits in oil. Niche interests include wild swimming and the shipping forecast.
Lara Tillotson:
Graphic Designer
See that image over there? How about up there? Down there? It was all designed by our in house graphic designer, Lara Tillotson. Lara got her start designing in her first year of univeristy when she was asked by a friend to design a poster for a student theatre production. Since that fateful play, she has designed images and marketing material for a wide variety of clients including theatre productions, music festivals, businesses, individuals, and much more. Ask for her portfolio sometime!
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