The Voices We Hear
August 2–26, 13:45–14:45
Genres: Immersive, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Approx Run Time: 1 hour

Nights are dark and lonely at the end of the world. Some time in the future, a single figure hunches over the last vestiges of a civilisation long past. Studiedly searching through the static on a hand-cranked radio for signs of a single other living soul left on the earth, they hear nothing. They can’t take being alone anymore – they swallow a bottle of pills, and wait for the ensuing darkness. And just at that moment, their radio crackles to life. ‘Is anybody there?’

This heart-breaking show takes a deeply personal look at an environmental apocolypse, reminding us that it's not just about numbers and statistics. Really, it’s about the people that we’ll miss.

A Molly Williams
B Georgina Savage
Co-Directors Oli Savage and Louis Catliff
Producer Cate Hanlon
Marketing Isabella Sheridan

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Designed by Mia Ferraiolo
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