August 14—26, 12:15—12:45
Genres: Sci–Fi, Immersive, Solo–Show
Approx Run Time: 30 mins

Evaluation centers around a singular condition — one human, average in every way, wakes up strapped to a chair without knowledge of their location or history. Their only company is also their interrogator, an advanced machine with inscrutable origin who wants to know only one thing: are we worth it?

In the face of destruction, the human must defend their species, or decide whether it is worth saving at all.

Through the use of pre–recorded dialogue, Evaluation is a conversation between human and machine, an exploration of the virtues which make us human, and an attempt to reconcile the great suffering we have caused.

Human Georgie Turner
The Machine Maureen Nwabueze
Director Caelan Mitchell-Bennett
Producer Lara Williams
Marketing Daniel Heidland

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Designed by Mia Ferraiolo
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